Privacy and Security 

The Top Hat respects your right to privacy and it takes all necessary steps to protect your data in accordance with international data protection standards.

The Top Hat’s Privacy Policy applies to all data collected through the and to all data processed and used during fulfillment of agreements and in order to personalize our marketing tools.

The data collected by The Top Hat includes the IP address and information regarding technical settings such as language preferences. Through our newsletter and email, your last and first names are collected along with your email address and any other information which you share with The Top Hat willingly.

Your address details, phone number and / or P.O. Box in case of a fulfilled order. Further information is also collected during an agreement signing. 

Your data is collected in order to improve and/or update our Website and to anonymously put together a digital image related to our site’s statistics.

Data is also collected in order to fulfill orders and shipping, invoicing, communication (promotional or in order to reply to personal or business inquiries and for the purpose of personalized marketing information. 

You, the client, grant us the permission to collect your data in order to fulfill your requests, inquiries and orders thus by contacting The Top Hat, placing an order or sending an inquiry should be understood as giving consent to collect data in order to successfully complete an order or provide requested information via email or other communication channels as specified by the customer or as agreed on between the customer and The Top Hat representatives.

The Top Hat will not share your personal data nor will it disclose it, sell it exchange it or lease it to any third parties unless prior consent has been obtained.

The Top Hat may disclose data to governmental entities and representatives of the judicial system or if requested by law enforcement authorities and if requested by court summonses and orders due to legal proceedings. The Top Hat may also disclose personal data if necessary, required or requested during proceedings dealing with legal claims against The Top Hat.

The Top Hat may disclose data in case of illegal or otherwise nefarious activities having a direct impact on The Top Hat and its assets.