… is a world where nothing that's familiary fades away. We aim to bring back to life all the dust covered designs and beauty which for centuries were woven into the fabric of world's cultures. We are in love with art and baroque. Our versitile collections in various aesthetic styles cover Boho, Eclectism, Vintage, Floral and Oriental. Our products are of the highest quality and are full of exceptional details. We produce and design everything that's inspired by world's cultures, all that we admire which is filled with beauty and has that "special something". Legends, folk tales, art and history are our everyday companion.

Anna Rusiniak Malinowska


I finished Warsaw's School of Interior Design "Art Studio" and graduated from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. At work I combine my competencies from the scope of psychology and design. This combination allows me to create conceptual designs. In 2011 I created Malabelle, a brand which with time turned into LaPomme - a place where everyone can find a beauty filled addition to their home and a place where I first created original wallpapers and prints on wood. It was meant to be serious but with a wink, noble but not boring and classical in its modernity.

This combination gave birth to a new brand: The Top Hat. This is the world of my fulfilled fantasies where dreams become reality. It is a world where I allow my imagination to explode without confining it within set boundaries. I enjoy XVII century art, which is also the source of inspiration for the latest wallpaper collection. The Top Hat came to an existence from pure passion and need for creation. This is a land of fantasy in which one may discover elements from baroque and middle ages. Literature, cinema and music have also been inspirational windows. Our projects combine art, fairy tales, childhood memories, humor but above all they bring in timeless style into our homes.

fot. Anja Choluy

fot. Anna Rusiniak-Malinowska

Rafał Wołk

Graphic Artist

I became fascinated with the world of graphic design while in High School. I used photographic film to play with shapes and images creating illustrations which later on ended up on posters and tee shirts. Time of my studies I spent wandering around New York City's museums. Cloisters was one of my favorite places. This is where I sat in the shade of a gothic castle, surrounded by straight from the middle ages while taking in New York City's skyline. My trips to the west coast made me fall in love with color and diversity very different than the concrete jungle which surrounded me in New York City.

I loved street art which in an incredible way reflected the soul of each city turning it into a living museum. Montreal was for me, the place where I grasped the idea of how art can enhance a modern metropolis filling it with color. The Top Hat breathes air into the lungs of all of these diverse experiences bringing them to life. Thanks to Ania's vision and her fairy tale world, they take on real shapes and come to life. The Top Hat projects are additions which contrast with our daily routine, changing it, allowing us to create our own space to which we gladly come back to. A space where we feel exactly the way we should feel ;)

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