Admiral Chester Octopus the XVI


Admiral Chester Octopus has had his share of Grog in many o' taverns and played just as many rounds of chess with the Kraken in his quarters. The streets of many ports on every continent are filled with teary eyed women who await the Admiral's return. He's a proper scoundrel, we feel that placing him in brave interiors with a character where he'll feel just like a fish in water.

Our prints on wood combine art, fairy tale elements, childhood memories, humor and most of all bring timeless style into our interiors.

Our prints are made on an 18mm wooden panel. There are four sizes available. Each order is made within 10 days.

Shipping within 10 business days

grubość: 18 mm
LaPomme Art

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The Top Hat stemmed directly from LaPomme's „Looking Glass” collection, which combines classic with modern art. The collection, which is printed on wooden panels ties both classical and modern styles together. The combination of the minimalistic look without the Baroque frame turns these pieces into modern day classics.

Now you too can commune with our colorful and full of exceptional atmosphere prints. The collection encompasses minimalism and modernism. In our offer you'll find four different print sizes from miniature to exciting giant formats.