Madame Butterfly Green


Madame Butterfly available in two different color schemes is yet another addition to our „Alice in Wonderland” collection. The common theme for this collection is toying with logic. Surrealism connects with curiosity and a touch of fantasy. Our prints on wood combine art, fairy tale realm, and humor but most of all, they bring style into our homes.

Our prints on wood combine art, fairy tale elements, childhood memories, humor and most of all bring timeless style into our interiors.

Our prints are made on an 18mm wooden panel. There are four sizes available. Each order is made within 10 days.

Wysyłka do 10 dni roboczych

grubość: 18 mm
LaPomme Art

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The new „Alice in Wonderland” collection is different from our previous ones. The absurd toying with logic is the main drive behind the sense of its existence. Surrealism hand in hand with curiosum and a touch of fantasy. Our leading motif is surrealism with its lack of logic and unpredictability. This is where you'll find the Queen of orange and a stoic lady with a butterfly on her face. Pure nonsense turns into crystal clear sense. Abusrd and humor reign because you can't be completely serious in absurdity ;)

The „Alice in Wonderland” expects the unexpected.